Friday, October 7, 2011

"Positive Thinking/Caption Ideas"

I always wanted to have a Mother Daughter Relationship with my Mom.
I wanted to know all the things she knew.
I wanted the female I was becoming
to reflect the part of my mother that I know she longed to pass on.
Sadly, without any daughters,
She never had the chance to
pass down her feminine wisdom.
Hopefully, My Mom,
Will be happy when she gains
Her Daughter.

I hope to Be as naturally beautiful
as I possibly can.
I flaunt my feminine attributes
to cover my masculine majority.
I know I am too tall, and broad shouldered
to be nearly as beautiful
as the girls I idolize.
But, I am
and smart.
I am not naturally hairy,
I have slender, smooth hands,
a pretty face
and long, long legs.
I count my blessings and know that if I
Keep learning, growing and taking
my Beautiful Girlfriends advice
I will Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better.

"Caitlin: Cancelled"
I have decided not to do this series of "Caitlin Captions" as I had planned. I rushed into doing captions and am going to start over, But rest easy as My Blog will certainly have a few more Emma Watson Pictures, because I adore her. She is certainly an Idol of mine and that British accent is something every girl wishes she had.
If Anyone would like to let me know what type of captions and stories they enjoy I'd love to take a crack at new captions and a few fresh Ideas would help get things started.

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