Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Growing up Girly"

 So You want to be a Girl.
You're not interested in being a woman.
Not yet.
You missed out on so much.

 Deep down inside you are a young,
Pretty, Fashionable
You love the Juniors fashions,
the accessories, the shoes.

 You Buy heels,
try them on with your girlfriends.
You Love buying heels.
You Love Matching them to your outfits.
 The cuter the heel,
the cuter the outfit,
the cuter you will be.
You have a closet full of pretty shoes.
Your girlfriends say you have great taste.
They are sooooo Jealous.
 You love shopping.
You love the rush of trying things on,
smiling at the register
as the cashier
rings you up,
Bags your pretty new things
and smiles back.
She knows how it feels.
All girls do.
It's something only we girls share.
An emotional and sexual need for
Gorgeous Fashion.
 You are so very Girly.
So pretty and well put together.
Even simple outfits Can make a girl feel
Sexy and feminine.
Feeling her hair brush her neck
can make her feel
like a Princess.
 Even a plain, seemingly boring,
white headband
can look gorgeous
popping out of your wavy, cascading
You don't need
The most outrageous,
Hot pink,
or clothes to look
and feel like a girl.
The girl is in you
and she knows what looks good.
Let her pick,
Let her dress herself.

 She wants, to style her hair,
Learn how to do makeup
And She Will make herself
look as girly as possible
because she is as girly as possible.
So are you.

Once you let her find the style she loves,
Let her do her hair,
Shape her brows,
Paint her face,
Delicately Place her earings in,
Slip into her favorite outfit,
Slide on her new, Sexy High Heels
You will see that
She quickly takes over
your life.
She will naturally
pick up these feminine skills,
Find feminine hobbies
and You will both be on your way to becoming
a Woman.


  1. mmm - good advice! let her in; let her out!

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