Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Oh, That Beautiful Blonde"

She came into my life knowing who I was.
WIth time she has accepted me and in some ways, she is still accepting me.
We are closer than most couples.
We are stronger,
more confident.
She is the beautiful blonde girl I adore.
I am the girl, she loves,
no matter what.

We met by chance. I was upfront with my gender issues.
She met me at night,
no judgement,
no other goal than to find out who "I" was,
and still am.
She found a girl beneath a pile
of lies and depression.
She vowed to love that girl.

She was fashonable.
Excited to have a girl who knew so little,
but wanted to know so much.
Their hobbies were so similar.
Both girls, loving fashion,

 They both knew a beautiful outfit,
A beautiful Purse
And a beautiful girl
All come together with the addition of the perfect
My taste was so juvenile.
My beautiful blonde taught me
that gorgeous shoes,
Much like gorgeous girls,
come in many shapes, colors and styles.
My eyes were opened
What it meant to be a girl
in body, mind
and soul.
That was what I had to learn first.
Why do girl's love fashion,
adore shoes
and know the in's and out's
of why something looks good,
why something looks bad 
and everything in between?
Because another girl taught them.
MY Beautiful Blonde
was teaching me.

She showed me that beauty
was never
too tall........

Beauty was our love of eachother
mixed in with a love
of Shoes,
And the joys of being two girls
In Love.
Being a girl wasn't about the shoes,
the outifits, the hair.
It was about an emotion.
It was and is about love for myself,
love for my Beautiful Blonde Girlfriend,
and the love that she radiates for me.
We choose to express our love
through the beautiful, feminine and gorgeous
Clothes and shoes
(and girly accessories)
That we wear
beacause it's something we love together.

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