Thursday, December 8, 2011

I guess I'm in a lesbian relationship. I guess that's the way to put it. I mean I accept that I'm a girl and I date a girl, so I must be in a lesbian relationship.
It's strange not to know what to label my relationship. It's strange for anything to have no label when you get right down to it. If something doesn't have a name it's only a pile of explanations, giving that pile a name stacks it neatly and allows people to view it easier and with more comfortability. Saying you are gay or lesbian or transsexual or whatever, is a way people can recognize what you mean and when they recognize something they are far more comfortable with it. People base how they feel about something by the label it's known by. People who hate Homosexuals do not hate the people themselves, they hate "Gay" the word and what that word represents. The Label gives these people the ability to hate a group of people they don't know because of their understanding of that label, which in most cases is the understanding that gay people are a list of other labels such as Depraved, Sick, Disgusting, Unnatural.
On the other hand someone who has no issue with Homosexuals may be the exact opposite when it comes to the label. I have heard plenty of girls say "I love Gay guys" which is once again using the label to allow someone to not have to know people on a personal level but to define them as a group.
What needs to be understood is that a label can only give the most basic information about a person. Despite that label we must know someone personally before allowing ourselves to from an opinion. It's the same if someone describes a person to you as an Asshole, they might be correct, but if you do not know that person you wouldn't go around calling them an asshole. You might meet that person and find that you like them and that you find them to be anything but an asshole.

This photo is sexy. I have always thought that way about images like this. In fact I find this Photo to be sexually arousing, but I also find it to be artistically beautiful and emotionally beautiful. To me this is not just two random girls having fun. I have to put a backstory to this picture. I have to understand how both girls got to this point and why they wanted to get to this point. Perhaps they are a couple in their first apartment on their first night, finally alone and they decided to play in the kitchen. One is clearly dominant here, but is she always, will the submissive girl take charge later on? Are they thinking about their sexual feelings or how much they love one another or maybe thinking about both?

I could easily label this photo as sexy or hot, but that only let's you know what you can see clearly see for yourself. Because I told you why I think this is sexy and other reasons why I like it beyond arousal, I have given it personality. Maybe you like it for the reasons I like it, maybe you like it for other reasons or maybe you hate it, or find it unappealing, but you must judge it beyond whether it is sexy. You have to judge it on Each girl, The artistic side, The black and white, etc....

I guess I can say I'm in a lesbian relationship, but the word that should be most prevelant should be relationship. Saying Lesbian only gives the information that both me and my partner are female, but relationship is a word that allows you to know that I can commit, that I can love. It's a much more descriptive label.
So, I mine as well say lesbian to describe that minute part of things but to describe who I am and how I feel about the person I'm with the label Happy, Loving Relationship.


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  2. I'm in a similar situation. Born male with diminished male attributes and androgynous appearance. I'm now comfortable with the fact I'm a woman who loves a woman.

    1. i too know that since i was feminized my arms and legs are now much thinner,and recently i was outed and displayed in public dressed as a female and all the girls said how lovely i looked even the younger ones,i'm happy being a sissy..

    2. my two friends and i were feminized we love being girly!

  3. That is one good example of some femme fun. A lot of girls are into that these days. Keep it up!
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  4. the feminization of men is so lovely.