Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Let Her Win"

Before I was able to know the difference between girl's and boys, the female in me fought back. Deep within my imagination she forced her way to the forefront of my thoughts and made herself known.
I had no Choice. I was never going to be a boy. I was, still am, and always will be, 100% female. The same goes for you.
It will begin as a harmless fantasy. A feminine mirage which all too soon will consume your sexuality. Then it will conquer your interests, thoughts, hobbies.....personality.
Finally it will take over and you will be her. She is strong and will survive. Do not fight back, because you know you are her.

It began in other girl's closets.
Little items.
Skirts, panties, lingerie.
But it wasn't enough.
She needed
She needed you to be more like her.
More girly.
More feminine.
You happily obliged her.
You always will.

She wanted to be one of the girls.
She loved the look and smell of the Salon.
The intamacy of girl talk,
girl time.
She needed that.
YOU needed that.

You were scared.
She was never scared.
The first time you heard your heels
click and clack against the floor.
The rush as you crossed by an open window
while the breeze brushed your skirt.
You were hooked
and she was winning.

You began loving her.
Some days there was only her.
Only her voice,
only her thoughts,
only her smile.
Soon that will be everyday.
Don't fight her.
Don't fight yourself.
Let Her Win.
Let Her Win.
Let Her Win.

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