Friday, September 23, 2011

"Captions: My Very First"

"Moment of Clarity"
Standing in her new apartment, Lorelai realized how quickly everything had changed. Three years ago "she" was a "he". She had a boring job, a miserable love life, a severe case of depression and a secret that was eating her up inside.
Lorelai was trapped as a man. A man who was nothing more than a make believe character who was good at one thing.....Keeping Lorelai hidden away.
Until, one day, she broke through her male cage and sobbingly cried out that anything had to be better than the life "He" had made for them. So she took over....without his permission.
Today, Lorelai lives "her" life to the fullest. She is a very successful salon owner. She can get a date with any man or woman she chooses. When she gets sad, a little shopping or some time with her Gal-Pals can lift her spirits right back up and she happily has nothing to hide from anyone.
As for "Him" he seems to no longer come around. Which is fine with Lorelai. She knows she's better off without him.

"Dream Come True"
"Hi I'm Tiffany and I'll be your waitress today."
Everytime Tiffany said that sentence it made her feel Happy, Sexy, attractive, confident and above all else she felt very very feminine.
Tiffany was born a boy. A very unhappy boy. Soft and girlish Tiffany was teased and tormented all through her youth. She would deny being gay when called "Fag" or deny wearing girl's clothes when the other boys asked if she was a Drag Queen. Just because she liked boys didn't make her gay, she was a girl inside, so liking boys was ok. She wasn't a drag queen, because she didn't want to perform or just dress up like a girl, she wanted to be a real girl. So, Tiffany made a promise to herself in highschool, that when she got to college she would start over as a female and she is so happy to have kept that promise.
Now, Tiffany is a gorgeous blonde that gets hit on by every guy she waits on and a lot of the girls hit on her as well. She Loves her job as a waitress and makes great tips, but as soon as college is done, Tiffany will be going on to bigger and better things.

"Caitlin: Part 1"
18 year old Cameron, who prefers to be known as Caitlin, is enjoying Saturday night as usual. She is in her Mother's personal bathroom playing dress up. She does this because Every Saturday night, like clockwork, Caitlin's mother heads out  hoping to find a man to be a father figure to her son. Little does she know that a father figure is the last thing her son wants.
Afraid of her mother finding a man who might eventually move in, Caitlin has decided to make this Saturday night a little different. Tonight she is going to leave on all her make-up, her wig and her clothes and wait for her mother to come home.
She knows how accepting her mother will be and how absolutlely relieved she is going to be, now that she can stop spending Saturday nights looking for a suitable man to teach Cameron all that macho BS. Instead they will spend Every night being like Mother and Daughter, as Caitlin learns all the fun girly stuff her mother will be so eager to show her.

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  1. If those three were your first set, you have a rich talent in merging story and photo. I found each a delight in itselt. Not too long or short. Perfect ! I am glad that I found your blog. Now if I can only remember how I ended up here and replicate it in the future. Thanks for taking the time andposting.
    Wishing you all my best.