Friday, September 23, 2011

"Captions: My Very First"

"Moment of Clarity"
Standing in her new apartment, Lorelai realized how quickly everything had changed. Three years ago "she" was a "he". She had a boring job, a miserable love life, a severe case of depression and a secret that was eating her up inside.
Lorelai was trapped as a man. A man who was nothing more than a make believe character who was good at one thing.....Keeping Lorelai hidden away.
Until, one day, she broke through her male cage and sobbingly cried out that anything had to be better than the life "He" had made for them. So she took over....without his permission.
Today, Lorelai lives "her" life to the fullest. She is a very successful salon owner. She can get a date with any man or woman she chooses. When she gets sad, a little shopping or some time with her Gal-Pals can lift her spirits right back up and she happily has nothing to hide from anyone.
As for "Him" he seems to no longer come around. Which is fine with Lorelai. She knows she's better off without him.

"Dream Come True"
"Hi I'm Tiffany and I'll be your waitress today."
Everytime Tiffany said that sentence it made her feel Happy, Sexy, attractive, confident and above all else she felt very very feminine.
Tiffany was born a boy. A very unhappy boy. Soft and girlish Tiffany was teased and tormented all through her youth. She would deny being gay when called "Fag" or deny wearing girl's clothes when the other boys asked if she was a Drag Queen. Just because she liked boys didn't make her gay, she was a girl inside, so liking boys was ok. She wasn't a drag queen, because she didn't want to perform or just dress up like a girl, she wanted to be a real girl. So, Tiffany made a promise to herself in highschool, that when she got to college she would start over as a female and she is so happy to have kept that promise.
Now, Tiffany is a gorgeous blonde that gets hit on by every guy she waits on and a lot of the girls hit on her as well. She Loves her job as a waitress and makes great tips, but as soon as college is done, Tiffany will be going on to bigger and better things.

"Caitlin: Part 1"
18 year old Cameron, who prefers to be known as Caitlin, is enjoying Saturday night as usual. She is in her Mother's personal bathroom playing dress up. She does this because Every Saturday night, like clockwork, Caitlin's mother heads out  hoping to find a man to be a father figure to her son. Little does she know that a father figure is the last thing her son wants.
Afraid of her mother finding a man who might eventually move in, Caitlin has decided to make this Saturday night a little different. Tonight she is going to leave on all her make-up, her wig and her clothes and wait for her mother to come home.
She knows how accepting her mother will be and how absolutlely relieved she is going to be, now that she can stop spending Saturday nights looking for a suitable man to teach Cameron all that macho BS. Instead they will spend Every night being like Mother and Daughter, as Caitlin learns all the fun girly stuff her mother will be so eager to show her.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Growing up Girly"

 So You want to be a Girl.
You're not interested in being a woman.
Not yet.
You missed out on so much.

 Deep down inside you are a young,
Pretty, Fashionable
You love the Juniors fashions,
the accessories, the shoes.

 You Buy heels,
try them on with your girlfriends.
You Love buying heels.
You Love Matching them to your outfits.
 The cuter the heel,
the cuter the outfit,
the cuter you will be.
You have a closet full of pretty shoes.
Your girlfriends say you have great taste.
They are sooooo Jealous.
 You love shopping.
You love the rush of trying things on,
smiling at the register
as the cashier
rings you up,
Bags your pretty new things
and smiles back.
She knows how it feels.
All girls do.
It's something only we girls share.
An emotional and sexual need for
Gorgeous Fashion.
 You are so very Girly.
So pretty and well put together.
Even simple outfits Can make a girl feel
Sexy and feminine.
Feeling her hair brush her neck
can make her feel
like a Princess.
 Even a plain, seemingly boring,
white headband
can look gorgeous
popping out of your wavy, cascading
You don't need
The most outrageous,
Hot pink,
or clothes to look
and feel like a girl.
The girl is in you
and she knows what looks good.
Let her pick,
Let her dress herself.

 She wants, to style her hair,
Learn how to do makeup
And She Will make herself
look as girly as possible
because she is as girly as possible.
So are you.

Once you let her find the style she loves,
Let her do her hair,
Shape her brows,
Paint her face,
Delicately Place her earings in,
Slip into her favorite outfit,
Slide on her new, Sexy High Heels
You will see that
She quickly takes over
your life.
She will naturally
pick up these feminine skills,
Find feminine hobbies
and You will both be on your way to becoming
a Woman.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Oh, That Beautiful Blonde"

She came into my life knowing who I was.
WIth time she has accepted me and in some ways, she is still accepting me.
We are closer than most couples.
We are stronger,
more confident.
She is the beautiful blonde girl I adore.
I am the girl, she loves,
no matter what.

We met by chance. I was upfront with my gender issues.
She met me at night,
no judgement,
no other goal than to find out who "I" was,
and still am.
She found a girl beneath a pile
of lies and depression.
She vowed to love that girl.

She was fashonable.
Excited to have a girl who knew so little,
but wanted to know so much.
Their hobbies were so similar.
Both girls, loving fashion,

 They both knew a beautiful outfit,
A beautiful Purse
And a beautiful girl
All come together with the addition of the perfect
My taste was so juvenile.
My beautiful blonde taught me
that gorgeous shoes,
Much like gorgeous girls,
come in many shapes, colors and styles.
My eyes were opened
What it meant to be a girl
in body, mind
and soul.
That was what I had to learn first.
Why do girl's love fashion,
adore shoes
and know the in's and out's
of why something looks good,
why something looks bad 
and everything in between?
Because another girl taught them.
MY Beautiful Blonde
was teaching me.

She showed me that beauty
was never
too tall........

Beauty was our love of eachother
mixed in with a love
of Shoes,
And the joys of being two girls
In Love.
Being a girl wasn't about the shoes,
the outifits, the hair.
It was about an emotion.
It was and is about love for myself,
love for my Beautiful Blonde Girlfriend,
and the love that she radiates for me.
We choose to express our love
through the beautiful, feminine and gorgeous
Clothes and shoes
(and girly accessories)
That we wear
beacause it's something we love together.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Dream, Pray, Love"

Lay back and imagine becoming her. Use your mental image to convert and transform your physical self.

Your hair is going to grow feminine.
Girly cascading hair
in any style you choose.

Short, playful hair.

Long storybook Hair.

Or somewhere between.
Whatever makes you feel pretty.

You will begin styling your hair.
More femine every day.
This will inspire you.

Seeing your feminine hair will be a treat.
Looking in mirrors will be soooo much fun.
The gym has mirrors.
These mirrors will allow you to see your body transform.
You will do feminine excercises.
Lift light, feminine weights.
You will slim down your tummy,
build up your butt
and as you do you will feel estrogen pump through you.

You will buy women's workout clothes.
Your first purchase will be very feminine sneakers.
They will tone your butt.
Your thighs.
You will have strength in your butt, thighs, legs
and you will wear heels to show it all off.
High Heels.

You will shave your legs.
Heels look better
with shaved,
You will wax your legs.
You will love the smoothness.
You will never have hair on your legs again.

You will wear tight dresses outside.

You will show off your body.
you will use accessories
to declare your femininity.

You will only express girlish,
feminine behavior
and it will be worth it.
You will be free of male qualities.

You will be a Sexy girl.

You will be a Cute girl.

You will be a Real girl.

"Let Her Win"

Before I was able to know the difference between girl's and boys, the female in me fought back. Deep within my imagination she forced her way to the forefront of my thoughts and made herself known.
I had no Choice. I was never going to be a boy. I was, still am, and always will be, 100% female. The same goes for you.
It will begin as a harmless fantasy. A feminine mirage which all too soon will consume your sexuality. Then it will conquer your interests, thoughts, hobbies.....personality.
Finally it will take over and you will be her. She is strong and will survive. Do not fight back, because you know you are her.

It began in other girl's closets.
Little items.
Skirts, panties, lingerie.
But it wasn't enough.
She needed
She needed you to be more like her.
More girly.
More feminine.
You happily obliged her.
You always will.

She wanted to be one of the girls.
She loved the look and smell of the Salon.
The intamacy of girl talk,
girl time.
She needed that.
YOU needed that.

You were scared.
She was never scared.
The first time you heard your heels
click and clack against the floor.
The rush as you crossed by an open window
while the breeze brushed your skirt.
You were hooked
and she was winning.

You began loving her.
Some days there was only her.
Only her voice,
only her thoughts,
only her smile.
Soon that will be everyday.
Don't fight her.
Don't fight yourself.
Let Her Win.
Let Her Win.
Let Her Win.