Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Dream, Pray, Love"

Lay back and imagine becoming her. Use your mental image to convert and transform your physical self.

Your hair is going to grow feminine.
Girly cascading hair
in any style you choose.

Short, playful hair.

Long storybook Hair.

Or somewhere between.
Whatever makes you feel pretty.

You will begin styling your hair.
More femine every day.
This will inspire you.

Seeing your feminine hair will be a treat.
Looking in mirrors will be soooo much fun.
The gym has mirrors.
These mirrors will allow you to see your body transform.
You will do feminine excercises.
Lift light, feminine weights.
You will slim down your tummy,
build up your butt
and as you do you will feel estrogen pump through you.

You will buy women's workout clothes.
Your first purchase will be very feminine sneakers.
They will tone your butt.
Your thighs.
You will have strength in your butt, thighs, legs
and you will wear heels to show it all off.
High Heels.

You will shave your legs.
Heels look better
with shaved,
You will wax your legs.
You will love the smoothness.
You will never have hair on your legs again.

You will wear tight dresses outside.

You will show off your body.
you will use accessories
to declare your femininity.

You will only express girlish,
feminine behavior
and it will be worth it.
You will be free of male qualities.

You will be a Sexy girl.

You will be a Cute girl.

You will be a Real girl.

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