Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am slowly becoming a feminist. I don't mean I'm going to stop shaving my legs or start burning bras before I can even fill them, I'm saying that as I learn more about the girl I am inside, the more I get offended by what society says a girl is supposed to be.
When I started this blog I still hadn't developed who I was, let alone my interests, hobbies or what it means to be female. I posted pics of pop singers, big breasted bimbos and even reduced my loving relationship to nothing more than a shared interest in shoes. I became bored with trying to write captions and my boredom only grew as I began doing more important and more reality based things that reality based girls do. I stopped trying to help people jerk off and decided to talk honestly as if this blog were my diary.
My girlfriend is the one responsible for pointing out that what I was doing on here wasn't anything like me. She made it clear to me that I was not doing what I had set out to do. I wanted to chronicle my feelings and the changes I experienced on my new path towards becoming a woman and above all else accepting who I am.
It's almost fitting that the first few posts I have on here are either sexualized or, for lack of a better term, "Overly Girly". Those posts show where my mind was at the time and the way I thought I had to behave to present myself as a girl.
I admit that I have my soft spot for some of the Chart Topping Hits on the pop radio stations. I admit that I might drool over a cute pair of heels. And yes, I certainly have sex fantasies of being slutty, whorish, even forced into dirty possibly perverted acts, but these are and were always fantasies.
The truth is I am not the girliest girl or the glam fashion queen that I thought I was. Truth is I don't want to be that girl anymore because the girl I am becoming is deeper, smarter, funnier and she is a real person.

   I know it's a free country and I'm not saying that we need to ban mindless, sex driven, pop stars,
but take a look around at the message being sent and the people getting that message. Of course horny guys get the message and even some older ladies do out dated dances like "The Bump" when ever a Kesha or Katy Perry song plays at a wedding. I have heard that both of these girls are big in the gay scene and with 20 something girls who hit the clubs, but these aren't the main or biggest audiences. Kesha has a song called "Tik-Tok". It's a catchy song, it's ubeat and it's something even I liked when I first heard it. Then, I stopped turning up the radio when it played and began turning the station. I kept hearing it, it was everywhere. Recently I realized why it was so overplayed. The song wasn't just on the radio, it was on T.V. and in movies. It was popping up in every form of entertainment and it was entertainment for kids and teenagers. It blew my mind when,a Kesha song that is so clearly about drinking, partying and fighting a hangover to keep the party going was the theme music for the movie "Diary of a wimpy Kid". The kids in that movie are no older than 11 or 12.
I noticed a lot of this going on. Marketing sex, drug use, etc..., to kids is a big money maker. To kids, especially teenagers, rebellion is an all time best seller. And don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in rebellion and my teenage years are one big blur of "Damn The Man", "Fight The Power" moments and mischief, but It was based on more. Rebelling was about politics, good v.s. evil, morality and the fear of seeing the world, for the first time, as it truly is....a confusing and scary place full of people just as confused and scared as yourself. Of course getting drunk or stoned was part of it and of course teenagers are a bit more naive, but it's part of growing up. I think it's so sad that the kids who rebel today tend to be devoid of any sort of message. I think it's sad that girls want to be slutty, drunks because it's cool.
I'm not saying all kids are like this and I'm not saying Kesha or Katy Perry are the cause. I am saying that marketing a movie for kids, or marketing this type of image to kids in any way, is sickening.

I'm a Lady GaGa fan and proud of it. Sure, she sells sex, but it's sexual freedom....liberation. She also proved she has a voice, song writing talent and she uses these things as a platform to speak her mind. That's an artist, not someone who can loop a beat on garage band and then sing lyrics that have no soul or meaning over and over again.


  1. i like this says a lot in a few words. i think in some ways it shows the growth that everyone goes through. i remember girls growing up that were into madonna, knew every word, every dance move, etc. later they realized that the dance/party scene was just that, a scene that's almost a right of passage. we go through something similar i suppose as we learn what it is and how it is to be female.

    i admit i like lady gaga and katy perry (a bit) but i've started to grow out of that same area you were in...i think we all are there at some point. the challenge is getting through it and there are plenty of examples of those that do and those that don't...just look at the pictures that people put up on facebook, flickr or any other social media site.

    great post hun...loved it.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Nice to get some feedback